Club Support / ECB Clubmark – 2015 – 2018 Planning for the Future


Walsden Cricket and Bowling Club


Who column – JG – John Green (Chair), CB – Chris Barker (Sec,) JaG - Janet Gilford (Treasurer) PD – Paul Dawson,

MD - Matthew Dawson, SHB – Scott Heywood Bell, AS -  Alan Stuttard, MH -  Mark Howley,

CG -  Colin Greenwood, , RS -  Russell Sutcliffe,JS – Jamie Shackleton, NB – Nick Barker,

NG – Nicola Gale, JoH – Joanna Hooson, JH – John Horsford, JDL – David Lord.


Our Club Purpose:

What are we trying to achieve?






When - (1/3/5 years)


Social e.g. referring to club players, members, volunteers, community and committee

Increase membership of the club

Promote the Club through the local press, schools and community organisations and the Club website and social media.

Convert junior members into family members and make them welcome.

Improve the reputation of the Club through changing the standards of behaviour of our senior teams.

To move to a position where all subscriptions are paid by standing order

PD and SHB – Partially achieved, family membership introduced in 2018



Recruit and retain playing members to maintain our success on the field

Ensure excellent performance continues in our first season in the reformed and expanded Lancashire League

Continuation of our coaching and development programme and links to local schools.

Retain existing players

Attract new players to the club and continue with fast track coaching of young players

MD- 6 new quailed coaches in 2017



All  Halfway through the seson we are top of the league and in th semi final o the Lancashire League, Our second team are second I the league and through to the final of the Trafford Cup


Additional £,000 required for year 5

Maintain and expand the diversity of volunteers

Proactive recruitment of players and women and younger members

JG and all Committee members –Women’s team established and playing competitive cricket. 2 under 9 teams



To continue coaching and development of junior cricket

Keep the schools development going beyond year 4.

Appoint Team Managers to all junior teams and ensure they are CRB checked.

MD and Junior Committee.

Achieved and ongoing, junior coaching switched to Fridays and very popular. Junior committee strengthened with new member and volunteers. Contract with schools in abeyance for two years pending funding and the recruitment of a new cohort.






To maintain and develop communication

Develop a quarterly electronic newsletter.

Refresh the member database to include email addresses etc.

SHB – Superseded by use of social media.


PD- To be done in context of GDPR. Privacy Policy approved and published.



Environmental e.g. referring to club facilities and capital expenditurePavilions

Ensure the new club facilities (Nets and changing rooms) are well maintained

Draw up a maintenance and cleaning schedule and a rota for players responsibilities

JG/MH/AF/TD Could be better



Provide an electric scoreboard



Provide disabled toilet facilities and a viewing area with disabled access

Resubmit grant bid to SITA Trust




Secure grant assistance


CG – Grant from Calderdale Community Association, new scoreboard in operation and linked into Play-cricket site


CG – Grant application rejected. Facility to be re-sited and then new application submitted.



Ensure the post of groundsman is filled before each season

Review payment and secure services of present groundsman at the end of the season.

JG – Done



Draw up a maintenance schedule to ensure the excellent presentation in time for the Wood Cup Final in August

Work to be completed pre-season at NatWest Cricket Force weekends.

Identify requirements for holding the Wood Cup Final and implement them in good time

Committee – Completed very successfully



Review servicing and repair of the heating and hot water system

Arrange for qualified contractor to carry out the works prior to winter.


CG/MH - Completed



Economic e.g. referring to club finances, revenue, costs and contingency


To ensure the management committee think like a business and embrace basic business principles and fundamentals when considering and progressing all development areas on the club’s agenda


Provide the management committee with accurate financial information for the efficient management, control and running of the club


To set budgets for the club’s main areas of spend

To ensure the club’s main source of income i.e. over the bar, yield maximum profits and the bar operating expenses are proportionate to the income generated.

Periodic external stocktakes to monitor bar performance


JaG/CB – Reported regularly to fortnightly committee meetings








MH – Small surplus generated on 2016 accounts, Turnover in 2017 is best ever. 2018 continues to be a successful year financially




Investigate specific areas where savings can be made to reduce our operating costs




Review of all energy suppliers, winter opening hours and all operating costs for bar, ground and players.

To set aside money each year in a contingency fund to cover maintenance, replacement of ground equipment/machinery, unforseen expenditure etc




JaG/CB/JG – Revised bar prices and new brewery deal. All expenditure continues to be available for these items.




To retain our main sponsor for the club  in 2015 and maximise funding from advertising boards



Recruit new sponsors to advertise on the ground


SHB/CG Income from Sponsor boards maximised. Match sponsors sought


JG/PD and all committee members – New Sponsor MM Physio, plus other sponsors for T20 shirts




To come up with new creative fund-raising methods that are cost effective


Review membership of 100 Club and to make the scheme more appealing

Look at other fund-raising initiatives to add to or replace existing club schemes

Beer Festival?

More Players Efforts


RS – New gaming machine, Watto’s Lottery and raffles at events.

Two successful beer festivals held in 2018 and 2017









To maximise attendance at club social and fund-raising events



Club needs to work harder at promoting itself as a venue for social functions


All – New chairs and redecoration have maximised bookings and increased bar revenue. New tables added in 2018.

Grant secured to refurbish and upgrade kitchen. Now complete.

Use of Bowling pavilion as local library under investigation with Calderdale MBC.




To access greater resources from within the club’s local community (people, skills, time, advice, expertise, materials, products, funding)



Make best use of member’s skills knowledge and attributes. Have a mixture of people with key skills on the management committee and development groups.

All – 4 new committee members, 2 women and 2 players.




Do your objectives all contribute to your club’s purpose?


An equal balance of activity and resource must be put into the social, environmental and economic elements of any cricket club in order to improve its sustainability