Implementation of ECB Child Welfare Policy (ECB CWP)


The new ECB Child Welfare Policy “Safe Hands” has been written in consultation with the NSPCC and is there to protect young people, vulnerable adults and all the people working within local cricket clubs who deliver a service to the community on a voluntary basis.


In the society in which we now live, it is necessary to protect all our young players, vulnerable adults and the vast army of volunteers in local cricket clubs who give their time so willingly for the furtherance of junior and senior cricket. The ECB CWP provides guidelines of “Best Practice” in relation to Child Welfare and protection throughout the game and emphasises the ECB’s firm commitment to ensuring that cricket provides a safe, friendly and fun environment for all.


Our aim at Walsden is to implement the ECB CWP to ensure that all children whatever their age, culture, religion, needs and race have the right to protection from abuse. We believe that the welfare of the child is paramount. We at Walsden wish therefore to create a safe and friendly environment for all children by adopting the ECB CWP immediately.


Child Protection Officer (CPO)


The club have recently appointed Mrs Joanne Hooson as its Child Welfare Officer. Joanne has attended a Child Protection Workshop, ‘A time to listen course’ and is Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) screened. She can be contacted on 01706 819209


Walsden Cricket & Bowling Club will endeavour to:


(a)          Adopt the ECB CWP immediately using a common sense approach.


(b)          Create a safe enjoyable environment for all children taking part in cricket and social activities at the club.


(c)          Ensure that all coaches or helpers are aware of the Child Protection Policy and have either been CRB screened, or completed Self Declaration Forms which will be held by the CPO.



PHYSICAL :-kicking,punching,pushing.

SEXUAL:-touching,showing explicit material,talking expliciley.

EMOTIONAL:-calling names either age,size,sexualityor anything deemed upsetting to others.



The CPO holds the following:


(a)          Parental Consent Forms.


(b)          Photographic and Transport to Matches Consent Forms.


(c)          Child Welfare Incident Forms.


(d)          Self Declaration Forms and CRB Forms for coaches/helpers.


Any suspicious activity should be reported immediately to the CPO who will deal with the matter as required. This may include reports to either the County Welfare Officer, the Social Services or the Police.