Walsden Cricket & Bowling Club does not accept or condone bullying in any way and will address all forms of Bullying and harassment. Everyone involved within the club environment, whatever their role, has a responsibility to work to stop bullying. To this end we advise that to help a victim and prevent bullying in Cricket an individual should:
• Take all signs of bullying very seriously
• Encourage all young people to speak and share their concerns, help the victim to speak out and tell the Club Welfare Officer.
• Create an open environment
• Investigate all allegations and take appropriate action to ensure the victim is safe
• Reassure the victim that you can be trusted and will help them, although not promising to not tell of what has been said
• Keep a record of what has been said
• Report any concerns to the Club Welfare Officer.
We also recognise and advise that in the event of any occurrence of bullying or harassment brought to the attention of the Club Welfare Officer, the club will:
• Inform the bullies parents/carer
• Try to get the bully to understand his/her behaviour
• Provide support as required to the coach of the victim
• Impose sanctions as necessary and as advised through ECB legislation
• Encourage and support the bully(ies) to change behaviour
• Discuss with families to report on progress
• Keep a written record of action taken

The club also advises that in accordance with ECB legislation and as advised
throughout this publication the first point of contact in all cases if there is a suspicion of bullying or harassment taking place should be the Club Welfare Officer who will advise of the correct procedural route to be taken through club policy. All matters in relation to this must be directed through the club welfare officer/child welfare officer.