Social Media

We would like all those who follow cricket at Walsden Cricket and Bowling Club to be part of our cricket
and to participate in whatever way is appropriate to promote cricket in the club. This can be done
though Social Media – and there is no doubt that Social Media is a fantastic means of communication
for anyone who plays, watches or has an interest in cricket. Many posts are positive and constructive
and we wish that to continue, we don’t wish anyone to be afraid of posting something but common
sense should and must prevail at all times.
So, here are six questions to ask before you post or share:-

  1. Would saying what I post be acceptable if I was watching a cricket match in person?
  2. Would I want my family, my coach, club members or my boss at work to see what I have posted?
    “Views expressed are my own” may not stop them from being embarrassed or change the opinions
    they form.
  3. Would a newspaper publish what I have written?
  4. Am I absolutely 100% certain what I wish to publish is acceptable? If in doubt don’t post it.
  5. Before sharing or retweeting, would I write this myself and would I endorse it? If not, don’t share it.
    By retweeting or sharing you might as well be posting it yourself.
  6. How would I feel if someone wrote this about me? If you wouldn’t like it, don’t post it.
    Walsden Cricket and Bowling Club have adopted a zero tolerance regarding misuse of social media.
    Insulting, offensive, obscene, injurious or false content can be dangerous and harmful to people’s
    wellbeing and reputation as well as bringing the club into disrepute. Walsden Cricket and Bowling Club
    will not tolerate any malicious communications, harassment, bullying or discrimination through social
    media. Please do not use social media to make insulting, obscene, malicious, offensive or false
    statements regarding players, officials, coaches, staff, volunteers or spectators. The points outlined
    apply regardless of whether:
  7. You are posting things yourself or sharing someone else’s post.
  8. The individual is tagged in the post or not.
  9. The communication is by word, video, photograph or any other form.
  10. The post is anonymous or not. If we can trace it back to you, we will act.
    The sanctions available to the club will be used as appropriate. If you are found to have acted
    improperly on social media regarding a cricket related matter, including towards any player, coach,
    official, staff, volunteer, spectator or club, you risk any or all of the following:
  11. An indefinite ban from the ground, buildings and events connected with Walsden Cricket and Bowling
  12. Legal proceedings may follow under the Malicious Communications Act.
  13. Civil action under libel law may be taken.
  14. Any bans that are deemed appropriate by the Walsden Cricket and Bowling Club committee may be
    put in place.
  15. Where relevant the club to which you are registered could have sanctions imposed on them.
    Walsden Cricket and Bowling Club General Committee Dated 1st July 2019