It is the policy of Walsden Cricket & Bowling Club that all official ‘net sessions’ are wherever possible supervised by a qualified coach.
When ‘netting’ on the field, no individual kit bags should be taken onto the practice playing area and all participants must get
changed in the changing rooms, not on the field.
Clothing and footwear suitable for physical activity must be worn by all cricketers (no spikes on the artificial areas).
No participant should be put under any undue stress or pressure whilst participating in these sessions and all cricketers are strongly
advised to begin each session with a warm up.
All cricketers waiting to bat or bowl are strongly advised to remain a suitable safe distance away from the striking batsman and
bowlers are remain vigilant at all times particularly when practising in the off-field netting area.
Any issues of concern should immediately be brought to the attention of the Cricket Chairman or the Club Welfare Officer.