The Environmental Policy covers all aspects of the Walsden Cricket & Bowling Club operations – from
good housekeeping measure such as recycling grass cuttings, recycling cans and bottles, using both
sides of paper prior to recycling and to ensure that investments made are environmentally
sound. The policy also commits us to promoting suppliers and services that adhere to
environmentally sound ways of operating.
All members must have access to the Environmental Policy through the club notice board and
website. The Environmental Policy should be regularly referred to in decision-making and through
committee meetings that involve the 3Rs – Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. It is to be included during
the induction of new members, committee members and volunteers at the club.
Walden Cricket & Bowling Club practises the principles of the 3Rs:
1) Reduce waste where possible by thinking about what we buy and how we use it.
· Reduce the production of waste and develop effective waste management and recycling
· Non-essential documents and e-mails will not be printed.
· We will annually review which internal documents and external publications are essential, if
they are not they will be cancelled thus reducing waste and saving money.
· We will endeavour to avoid disposable cups and food packaging bought by the club for events.
· We will ensure all printing and photocopying is done on double-sided paper.
2) Reuse wherever possible by trying to find a second life for items especially paper and office
· We have a policy of make do and mend now called “reduce, reuse recycle”. Where possible
we repair benches and seating, we keep our ground in good order, we use our coaching, cricket and
ground maintenance equipment season after season where it is serviceable and meets the needs of
the club and its members.
· Scrap paper will be used in printers, during meetings, for taking messages and for writing notes
or draft copies of documents.
· Envelopes and packaging will be reused where possible.
3) Recycle as the least preferred option of the 3Rs.
· Walsden Cricket & Bowling Club will have a nominated committee member who will have the
responsibility to recycle bottles, cans, paper, cardboard, toner cartridges and inkjets will also be
· If club furniture, equipment or IT equipment is being replaced then Walsden Cricket & Bowling
Club will seek to have those items reused or recycled.
· Grass cuttings will be collected and recycled for agricultural fertilizers.
Recycled paper
Walsden Cricket & Bowling Club will buy recycled paper. We will endeavour switching all
publications and general office papers to 100% post-consumer waste recycled papers, any additional
purchasing costs will be balanced against reduced consumption.
Fair trade
Walsden Cricket & Bowling Club will seek to purchase fair traded and environmentally sound
goods. When catering for events at our club food should be organic, and tea and coffee should be
Walsden Cricket & Bowling Club will promote the use of cycling and walking as the main means of
travel to meetings at the club and local cricket matches and practice. We will also ensure the use of
public transport for the majority of journeys to matches. For journeys that require cars, car sharing
will be encouraged.
Walsden Cricket & Bowling Club will seek to minimise the use of energy in its activities. Electric light
bulbs are being replaced with those that are more energy efficient. Lights and equipment will be
switched on only when needed and not out of routine. Heating will be kept to a minimum and the
thermostats will be regularly checked to ensure they are not set too high, thereby promoting the
need to open windows. Walsden Cricket & Bowling Club are continually investigating more efficient
means of heating and power supply to pursue our “green policy”.
The environmental policy will be reviewed annually. All aspects of the policy are monitored as an
ongoing practice. An annual review will be carried out by a sub committee of the general