Junior Team Selection Principles

Walsden Cricket Club aims:
• To ensure our junior teams reach the highest standard of cricket within the relevant league structure, with all
players given all opportunity to develop to the best of their ability.
• To promote youth development to serve the current and future playing strength of Walsden Cricket Club.
• To give fair and equal opportunity to all players across all teams to perform.
• To select a well-balanced side at all times.
• To create an inclusive environment and value the differences of all players.
• To uphold the “spirit of cricket” and “WCC club code of conduct”.

Junior Selection Policy – Matches & Training
Each age group will play a number of competitive games across the season and for those games teams need to be
selected. Team selection is ultimately down to Team Managers but should be done in accordance with this policy – as
agreed by the Junior Committee.
It is vital that parents understand and are supportive of the selection policy used. Any concerns with selection should be
raised in the first instance with the Team Manager or Junior Committee; Social Media should not be used for airing
complaints or issues, please communicate face to face, by phone or text/email with the relevant manager.
More serious issues should be reported directly to Matthew Dawson (junior chairman) or Joanna Hooson (Child Welfare
It is the aim and the purpose of the Club to encourage junior players of all ages to participate in and play recreational
and competitive cricket. Our coaching is based on the view that each player should be developed to his / her maximum
Motivation, commitment and behaviour
We expect all our junior players to be motivated and committed to playing cricket and display appropriate behaviour
when attending training and playing matches. This includes respecting coaches, Team Managers and other players either
on their team or opposing teams.
To be selected to represent the Club is a privilege not a right. As such it needs to be earned. Bad behaviour by players
will not be tolerated and management has the discretion to use selection as a sanction against bad behaviour.
Team selection will be based on a combination of factors including age, attendance at training, ability which includes
determining if a child is “hard ball ready” for under 11’s and above age categories (which is a safeguarding measure that
managers and coaches have to adhere to) and behaviour. Priority will be given to players who are the older players
within the age group and attend training on a regular basis. These players will play each match (subject to their
availability). Remaining team places will be filled by players who are younger in the age range and who are likely to
already play in a younger team. These places will be filled on a rotation basis.
Team selection will be announced via the relevant channels, after team training has taken place on a Friday.
A Team Captain will be selected each week to allow the players to develop their Leadership skills in under 9s and u11s,
this will be rotated through the older more experienced players within an age group. Under 13s and above will have a
designated captain for the season, with the team managers relinquishing full control and allowing the captain to take on
more responsibility.
Players must attend training sessions as well as matches. Players who regularly attend training will be given priority in
match selection over those players who do not attend training. If there are circumstances that prevent regular
attendance, please let the team manager know.
Player Pathway
Younger players who attend the junior training sessions run by the Cricket Asylum on Fridays between 4.30pm – 6pm
are very welcome to stay after these sessions end on a Friday evening, there is foof available in the Millenium Suite and
we welcome parents to stay and socialise. However players should not join the team training sessions that follow on
6pm until 7.30pm unless asked to attend by the relevant team managers or coaches. This is training solely for age group
Parents are solely responsible for the children who are not taking part in team training. There is hard ball training for
the under 11’s / Under 13’s and Under 15’s in the nets and hard balls, when hit at speed can be dangerous. All players
should be padded up and wear helmets when practising. Therefore younger children should keep clear of this end of
the ground for their own safety.
I agree to adhere with the above selection principles and terms set out by the WCC Junior Committee.
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